"When I'm wearing my hair really curly I use product by Kimberly Kimble one of my hairstylists in L.A. Those are really great for ethnic hair."
- Kerry Washington, Actress

"I love Kimberly Kimble shampoo and conditioner. She's a hairstylist I've been working with forever. I just love when you can smell your hair all day long."
- Garcelle Beauvais, Actress

"I was, in fact, able to easily refresh my curls day after day after day with this product. It smoothed my hair and gave some definition… without causing the hair to dry out. It also helped to reduce shrinkage a bit, which is kind of amazing in and of itself."
- consumer review about the Bounce Back Curl Revitalizer by Nuri of itsjusthair.com

"I have natural hair 4b/c and i used this along with the shampoo, parted my hair in sections, applied the conditioner, left it on my hair with a plastic cap cover for about 30 minutes, rinsed it out, and my hair was really manageable. It wasn't tangled and it felt clean and soft. It also has a nice light scent!! I recommend this along with the shampoo."
- consumer review about Brazilian Nut & Acai Berry Conditioning Masque from BelieveMe at amazon.com

"I love the fresh fragrance of this shampoo and the smell lasts all day long. It lathers up quite nicely and left my hair soft, shiny and very clean feeling. A little seems to go a long way. It did seem to give my hair extra bounce and volume.
- consumer review about Bounce Back Curl Shampoo by Kelly Kimmell of "Reviews by Kelly" Click Here to view page

"This conditioner has a creamy texture and the same wonderful fragrance as the (Bounce Back Curl) shampoo. As with the shampoo, it didn't take much to get the job done. It left my hair feeling silky, smooth and without any tangles. I used this on my daughter's long hair and it did a terrific job of getting out all the tangles. It did not weigh our hair down or leave it feeling greasy."
- consumer review about Bounce Back Curl Conditioner by  Kelly Kimmell of "Reviews by Kelly" Click Here to view page

"Even though the shampoo is sulfate free, it left my hair feeling cleansed of product build-up. The conditioning masque is also impressive, and a little goes a pretty long way."
- consumer review about Brazilian Nut & Açai Berry Shampoo and Brazilian Nut & Açai Berry Conditioning Masque from "Beauty and the Brows" Click Here to view page